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A project that shares and promotes the educational footpaths of the Valais

Would you like to understand the natural and cultural heritage that surrounds us? The Association Nature - Culture & Tourisme encourages this initiative. The association aims to improve site quality and to promote the canton’s educational trails.

The objectives

    • create an inventory of the sites and the educational trails in the Valais ;
    • evaluate their quality ;
    • bring them to the public’s attention, in collaboration with the landowners and the tourist industry ;
    • distinguish their characteristics and organise them in different categories according to the target public ;
    • offer an advisory service for all new projects, and for the improvement of existing facilities ;
    • to offer, in the long term, an accreditation of quality by the Valais State ;
    • to attract and support candidates in obtaining the accreditation.

    Who are we ?

    ature - Culture & Tourisme is an association created in 2011.

    The NCT association statues

    Founding members

    To find out more : Flyer NCT

    Project support

    The Nature – Culture & Tourisme project is supported on behalf of the Valais State by :

    • le Service du développement économique
    • le Service des forêts et du paysage
    • le Service de la culture


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